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 in response to JobStart Mike...   

It all starts with attitude. I promote peace and it starts with me. If I am not internally happy why would anybody listen?

 I have come from being a punching bag and now have three companies. Actually the latter 2 are a concept that I will make happen, because I have the right, positive attitude people come to me. Its the most awesome thing in the world.

Almost a year ago I realized I had this interior burn and didnt know what to do with it. I went to some people who told me that they would find me. \

I hold a lantern of hope for those near hopelessness. When I share my story people cry but when we depart we are smiling and hugging.

I think people like yourself who seem rehabilitated fully deserve to live with the same freedoms and rights that our own country is founded upon.

Kudos to you for improving your life and I wish you the best.

If you like you can read my articles on the examiner website just search my name and you'll see my work.

Bless people, and be blessed.

Suzanne Perry

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JobStart Mike
 in response to LookOnTheBrightSide...   

I agree with you. There are crimes that are unforgivable, and for those crimes I have no sympathy for the offender. Most do not respond to any rehabilitation for their behaviors.

For others like myself, that have changed from their previous paths, finding our way is becoming more and more difficult. Jobs that hire felons are few and far between, and the denial of housing is another issue that many of us face. With that being said, I do not let that stop me from becoming the man that God intends for me to be. He has great plans for my life, I just have to follow his lead.

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an after thought. A felon who was convicted of any crime hurting a child, a pedophile, or rape on anybody, does not get another chance in my book. For that, I feel once a person has it in them, it does not leave.

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I would do a detailed interview with the person I was considering hiring. I would weigh the crime, the behavior since release and other details.

If I feel a person has paid his or her debt to society and has demonstrated cognition, I would give them the opportunity to have gainful work.

I think everybody deserves a second chance.

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